Lehrman Biopharma
To serve the needs of biotechnology and pharmaceutical
companies that are bringing important new therapeutics and
pharmaceutical technologies to market.  Lehrman Biopharma
supports late stage research t
o maximize candidate developability,
solves technical issues affecting formulation and analytical
and supports CMC activities at all stages of clinical
More specifically, Lehrman Biopharma has:  

Developed parenteral, oral and inhalable formulations for
drug candidates that are in development to treat diabetes,
infectious disease, and pain.  Several of these formulations
are currently being tested in nonclinical and clinical trials,
Managed efforts to manufacture drug substance and drug
product via CMO organizations for Phase I and II clinical trials.
Developed analytical methods for product testing in
collaboration with CROs.
Resolved solubility and stability issues that have been
identified during product development.
Served as an expert witness

While Lehrman Biopharma is primarily a single proprietor operation, additional experts in pharmacokinetics, clinical development,
medicinal chemistry
and related areas have been contacted as
necessary and
assembled into ad hoc teams to accomplish  program
Lehrman Biopharma